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28th September 2021

All clay makes are now available, however we have only a limited stock  of Premo, Souffle  and Fimo with a number of colours not having been supplied 

Please do not order more than ONE of any one colour of Premo,Souffle or fimo  56gm and no more than TEN of Premo and/or Souffle or 10 of Fimo in any one order.  (no more than 5 of the 3oz Fimo in any order)
(If you over order I will refund minus the gateway fee for refunds)

Please do not order more than 1 block of any one colour of the large blocks of Fimo or Premo, or 1/2lb blocks  of Premo, and no more than 1 x 1lb blocks in any one order

We sadly have no control over this lack of supplies so thank you for your patience.  


Cernit clay

Fimo clay

Kato clay

Liquid  and specialist clays

Pardo clay

Premo clay

Souffle clay



All images on this introductory page are the work of  Fiona Abel Smith

We only ship to the UK