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13th June 2022

There is still limited rationing on Premo and Souffle.  However, we are starting to get deliveries now.    In order that there some colours for everyone, and as stocks are still low and demand is high, kindly read the note with each colour requesting that you order only the designated amount of any particular colour of the 56gm Premo and 48gm  Souffle and other clays  (we will continue to refund any over orders minus the payment gateway fee)
Kindly order only one per order of ALL Sculpey 1lb blocks of Premo and liquid clays.

Sadly all the clay manufacturers have recently put up their prices

Kato new stock is already much more expensive
 Cernit prices went up on 1st June but we still have Cernit stock at old prices.   Sculpey have just announced that they, too are increasing prices soon


Cernit clay

Fimo clay

Kato clay

Liquid  and specialist clays

Pardo clay

Premo clay

Souffle clay



All images on this introductory page are the work of  Fiona Abel Smith

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