Welcome to ClayAround

We are rationing clay

Due to delays becaue of Brexit (and covid)  clay is still in short supply.   We are rationing  most of the clays.  Large orders may be held back until adequate supplies are available.

We are a small company and do not hold a lot of stock.  We believe that there should be some clay left for everyone when there is a shortage.  

Do not over order

Repeat orders, or large quantities of any makes of clay,  will not be honoured immediately but will be held back.  3 x 56gm per colour 
1 x 1lb  per colour max per order
(for clarification 3 x (say red) of one make, and 3 x red of another make equals 6 - too much!)

Sadly, I am obliged to add that to take one or two of virtually every colour on the cart is not thoughtful - and will be held back

On this type of order refunds cannot offered as the payment gateways charge for refunds.  I will email you if there are problems with your order.


Cernit clay

Fimo clay

Kato clay

Liquid  and specialist clays

Pardo clay

Premo clay

Souffle clay



All images on this introductory page are the work of  Fiona Abel Smith

We only ship to the UK