Welcome to ClayAround

Clays of all makes are starting to reappear but not all colours are available yet.  We are told that the problem is that the manufacturers are not keeping up with the backlog of demand.

We are still rationing clay and Clayaround is a small company that holds only a limited amount of stock,  Therefore, kindly do not order more than 3 (three) 56gm per colour (TWO only of souffle)  and only 1 x 1lb (454gm) per colour, per order.   (We will contact you by email if we consider there is a problem with your order)

However, be aware that if you require large quantities of any one colour (except souffle currently) you can email us and put in a special order that will usually take about a month to arrive


Cernit clay

Fimo clay

Kato clay

Liquid  and specialist clays

Pardo clay

Premo clay

Souffle clay



All images on this introductory page are the work of  Fiona Abel Smith

We only ship to the UK