Goodie Bags £10 (plus postage)

Liz Welch

Liz Welch was an enthusiastic and inspirational crafter who started with embroidery and then branched out to do many other crafts. She became famous for her mastery of Friendly Plastic, teaching, producing several books and DVDs and appearing on Create and Craft and Jewellery Maker TV programmes. Later, she developed her skills in Polymer Clay.

Sadly, in October 2017 Liz died of breast cancer. Her husband Neil asked her friends if they would help him find new homes for Liz’s many craft supplies to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. Many thousands of pounds have been raised so far.

Message from Liz


We are the lucky ones.

We shared our lives together and in the end, it all boils down to the people in your life.

You were all special to me and I am sad that I can’t spend more time with you.  Remember be as I was, full of energy and happiness, defined by my life, and by the pleasure we have shared, with joy and in full colour.

I learnt from all my experiences, success or failure.

Life is not fair but how we deal with the cards we are dealt is a choice you can make – there is always a silver liing.

Optimism trumps pessimism everey time.

All of you have enriched and inspired my life, both face to face and online.

If I have inspired and supported you in return then I am delighted.

Be kind to each other, and carry me with you.

Liz Welch 26/10/60 - 10/10/2017

We have packed over 100 goody bags, worth well over £10 each, each one different and offer them to you for £10, plus postage and packing.

ClayAround will send all the money donated (minus cost of postage)  to Breast CancerNow on behalf of Liz's estate.  Di  Phillips will post the goodie bags to you.

Please use this opportunity to support a very worthy cause in Liz’s memory

Work by Sue Corrie

Above you will see images of work that has been kindly produced by Sue Corrie to demonstrate what is possible with the goodies available.  On the left are even more images of possibilities. 

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