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Penny at Clayaround
Penny of Clayaround ( Behind is a picture of me, painted by my mother!)

Clayaround with Crafters' Cards has arrived

After many weeks of work we are finally able to announce that we are now inviting Crafting card makers and Scrapbookers and journal makers to the Clayaround website.  Many new products to be seen on the website for all crafters.  Browse our site for inspiration and be aware that we continue with our stated determination:   "Superior service is our goal"

Give a gift of choice

If you message the chat box in the bottom right of the website main page we will explain how you can give a gift to your friends - a gift of choice of anything they want from the website to the value you want to gift

home page

December 2022

  • clayaround gift token
  • photo labels
santa mould

Special Christmas Push moulds

This mould includes  this tree, a Santa, some stockings to hang, and lots of tiny Christmas goodies too.  The mould is 11cm x 8.6cm and there are instructions included - and they are such fun to make and to decorate!

We have many of these  top quality  original moulds but there are some in particular that are for Christmas .   This is this one on the left

Here Comes Standa Claus

And there are so many more  (look for Santa's Elves and  Santa;s face with Holly

Christmas moulds

December 22

use of topper frames

The card on the left was created using the frames from the toppers on the right (the images click out) plus one of the hundreds of sentiments that can be found in the Hunkydory Christmas collection

Christmas sentiments
Excellent glossy animal and bird toppers

November/December 22


gift labels

These gift labels are original designs and ideal for labelling gifts that you are giving away at Christmas: try something different from traditional Christmas labels and surprise your friends.  Pack of six and a choice of colours on the Crafters' cards site

Gift labels

November 2022

gift labels

Christmas book

Well if you are a Christas card maker, what easier way to make a card than to do it with these ready made images that are 10.5cm x 15cm.

You can find them here: 

Christmas book

October 22

Christmas book
sculpey texture sheet nature

Sculpey Nature Texture sheets

here is an example of a sculpey texture sheet.  I have cut it into pieces and can now apply it to my clay ready for using either the texture or even colouring the texture.  See how clear the example is on the red clay.   (They provide a bonus second sheet too.) 

sculpey texture sheets

November 2022

Black Friday Bezel/findings pack

Until Christmas these packs (example of one pack on the right) are going to be available for £6 plus free postage on our website.   Every pack will be different.   

ALL the proceeds go to BreastCancerUK so do your bit for Charity this Christmas and get a surprise value for money pack into the bargain!

Black Friday  Belzel Findings pack

black friday bezels
schhristms stencils

Christms Stencils

We have many stencil designs but here in particular you will see stencils that are ideal for your Christmas makes.  

Christmas stencils - and more

November 2022

Limited edition Christmas envelopes

Thes envelope are A5 - so for cards that are marginally smaller.   They are original designs in golden yellow ready to enhance any special cards that you are sending this Christmas

You can find them here: 

Christmas envelopes

November 22

Christmas envelopes
christmas sentiments

Christmas sentiments

If you are making cards then sentiments are a must - and what better than to have hundreds of ready made sentiments at your finger tips.  There are  640 with foiled edges in gold or silver available here: 

Christmas sentments
November 22

Christmas sentiment pages

Simple decoration with new Cernit Yellow Pearl Clay

A  simple decoration using pearlex and cernit and cutters from Hobbyrian




Default image
Default image
Nik's work

Discounted tutorials

Nik's work is very special for she was an engineer and understands the construction of her work.  The skills she show us are eminently transferable for if you break them down they are very simple, and she demonstrates them in her tutorials with great clarity.  Do grab your opportunity for a discount on her excellent tutorials - the offer ends tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd November

Tutorials my Orson

1 November 22


Cernit textures

There is such a large variety of textures available in these inexpensive Cernit texture sheets.   Have a look: 

Cernit textures

October 2022



this clever piece of work is done by puting clay behind as well as on top of the many bezel filigree pieces there are available for sale for Breast Cancer UK on behalf of the estate of one of our community who died. 

October 2022


Snowfall acetate

These acetates - and there is another that can be used for borders - are ideal for winter makes, particularly for card makers.  But if you are a clayer who makes gift cards to go with your polymer clay made gifts they would be lovely to add that extra lift to your cards.  For card makers they are ideal for shaker cards or simply as overlays under frames to add that Christmas feeling

Snowfall acetate   

October 22

kato soft clay  l

Create background with alcohol inks

So simple.  Looking at the image from top left add drops of ink to a kitchen tile.   Bottom left image add alcohol ink blender.  Middle top image watch it spread.  Middle bottom image place card/clay onto formation.  Lift your clay/card (image 5) and see the result.  And if there is still ink on the tile you can produce a second background piece.!

alcohol inks

Alcohol ink blender

window stencil

Liquid Clay idea

We have liquid clay from Sculpey and liquid clay from Fimo (and soon to have a delivery from Kato I hope!) - this is so simple.  Just draw a design from the nozzle of your liquid clay bottle onto a rolled out piece of clay, and cure it.   Once cured, then add colour into the design.      Even better you could simply impress this stencil (on the left) into your clay in order to create a design!

sculpey or fimo  liquid clay

September 22

lizzie change is on its way

Change is on its way

We have finally completed all the changes to the new improved website - and here we have Lizzie adding the finishing touches.   We have explained more in our newsletter so if you don't already receive it then subscribe now for more information and further possible interesting news on a monthly basis. 

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September 2022

Kato Soft clay 1lb block

We at Clayaround gambled on bringing some into the UK from the US for our customers. However, once it was here Van Aken, after testing, contacted me and explained that there is still work to be done. Since then we have been testing it too and have had a number of people testing it for us as well.

We at Clayaround gambled on bringing some into the UK from the US for our customers.   However, once it was here Van Aken, after testing, contacted me and explained that there is still work to be done.  Since then we have been testing it too and have had a number of people testing it for us as well.
It has been met with various responses.

  • If you are a fan of Cernit or Premo clay it is a comparable clay as it is as soft.
  • For regular Kato user it is ‘too soft’ especially if you undertake a lot of caning.  
  • My experience is that it is quite wonderful when a small amount is mixed with my regular Kato clay as it softens it and thus makes it more malleable: as a result it responds very like the new conditioning bar.  
  • It mixes well with all the other manufactures’ clays thus giving extensive options. 
  • Van Aken have found that for large projects like sculpture it is inclined to crack, but for small projects like jewellery it is quite satisfactory. 
  • The conclusion is that as is it is a useful addition to your stock of clay.  Once the soft clay is available to the public it will be sold at the standard price for other Kato clays.  We have a supply of this white ‘beta clay’ that we are now selling to offset import costs. We are offering this at £5 per 1lb bar and we have it available on our ‘Bargains page’.  So if you love polymer clay, and you like a bargain, this is an opportunity for you!

Kato Soft clay special price    

September 1st 2022

kato soft clay  l

Carol Blackburn necklace

Carol Blackburn is the master of colour.  Her choice of clay Fimo Professional and she is one of the leading polymer clay artists in the UK

Fimo Professional

September 2022

Carol Blackburn
|Cernit Mica Powder

The Same but different

Cernit have a range of wonderful mica powders that help you to give sparkle to your work. 
They have a range of mica powders all with a selection of lovely colours: 
Diamond: is just that: lots of sparkle
Metallic has a richer darker effect
Interference gives a different effect in a different light on your piece.

Cernit Mica powder

September 2022

Sarah spanu pendant

This beautiful pendant is sent into a similar bezel base to those we have available to sell on behalf of Breast Cancer UK.  What wonderful possibilities there are with those bezels


August 2022

translucent cernit clay
|Orson Mini tutorial

Work of Barb Fajardo

 Barb Fajardo has been teaching and working with polymer clay for over 20 years.  Her work is outstanding and distinctive.  Do look at her website to get inspiration and to admire her style.   You can even find some free tutorials amonst the many tutorials that she has produced. 

Barb Fajardo tutorials

August 2022

Translucent Cernit clay

Are you  person who likes claying options?   Then translucent clay will give you that.  The possibilities are as many as your imangination will give you.  For instance - try adding some translucent to the Cernit neon I was talking about a few days ago: a really stunning effect.   Add some white clay as well to the translucent and neon.....I could go on.   Experimenting is not only an excellent way to learn, but it is a way to get wonderful surprises!

Cernit  Translucent 500gm         

August 2022

translucent cernit clay
|Orson Mini tutorial

Nik Orson Mini tutorial

NIkolina has just written this clever little tutorial and it is at an exceptionally good price for UK buyers.  She is a talented and thorough artist who writes quite excellent tutorials that are well worth the money you pay.    Her style may well not be your style - but don't reject her tutorials for you can learn so much from them and adapt to your own ideas as a result. 

Orson Tutorials

August 2022

cernit polymer clay

Cernit is such an excellent clay.  When premo wasn't available it was discovered by so many people as it is pliable, easy to condition, excellent for scupture as well as jewellery, and has a vast array of colours.  If you haven't tried it yet I recommend you take the opportunity now with Hallowene coming up to try out the neon colours. 

Cernit   neon               

Fimo  effect clays

August 2022

cernit neon polymer clay
Helen breil texture sheet

Texture Sheets

These texture sheets are designed by Helen Breil - do look at her website if you want inspiration as a result of quality work. The variety is considerable, and the quality of the sheets high. They can be used not only for textures on your work, but are deep enough to be used for the sutton Slice by Lisa Pavelka: it is a fun teqnique - look it up. You can see my attempt on the right

Helen Breil

August 2022

my sutton slice
colour shift paint

Colour shift paint

Are you even aware that this fascinating colour shift paint exists?   You paint it on your piece and the colour changes according to which direction you  look at it!

colour shift paint

July 2022

Pencil sculpture

I constantly look for inspiration and it is amazing where it sometimes comes from.  Looking at the work of this artist I realised that one can create from just about anything if one is, as polymer clay people are, inventive and creative.  This piece is sculpted into the lead of a pencil (he must have amazing eyesight!) and my initial thought is 'what else is there one could make into a hollow piece (clay of course) into which one could put interesting objects or created shapes......?   The possibilities are endless!


pencil sculpture
Leather Efrfect bracelet

Fimo Leather effect

This bracelet is made with a simple  cut strip of leather effect.  She has then used a stencil for the design putting  mica powder over the stencil to get the pattern.   What is so great is that because Leather Effect is flexible after it is cured it can be bent into any shape you wish. 


Mica powder

Fimo Leather effect

July 2022

By Loretta Lam

Loretta Lam is an exceptional artist with an insight into colour blending that is second to none.  I have been to more than one of her workshops.    I  would even recommend, if you are looking for a valuable learning experience, that you enrol on one of her workshops.   Meanwhile look at her website to see how she so cleverly combines colours.

This is  her website    

by Loretta Lam
Petoskye stones

Petoskye Stone

This stone is a fossilized coral and there are very many of them in Michigan as you will see on the image on the left.      This one is polished and many US jewelers use them for their decorative pieces. They reminded me of the work of Melanie West, as you wil see with the picture on the right uses natural formation in her designs. 

by Mel West
By Mel West. More can be found on her website
drawing on white clay

Design on clay

Judy Youssef  is a particularly creative polymer clay artist.  She has shown us here what is possible when one simply takes coloured markers and creates designs on ones white polymer clay. To great effect.    I quote Judy:  

"I do a short pre-bake on the white blanks (20 minutes), draw the design and then return them to the oven for a 45 minute full cure, covered with a paper “tent” to reduce any chance of scorching. I haven’t found it necessary to varnish over the paint as it appears to be strong enough without."

I will add that I cut the blanks with deli paper on top to create a nice bevelled edge.   

marker pens               

deli paper

July 2022

18 K Gold Premo 2oz

18k Gold Premo

We have got 2oz blocks at long last - lots of them.   Are you going to be preparing for Christmas?   Now's your chance to get ahead of the game with some bling! 

Premo 2oz

July 2022

Digital downloads

Digital Downloads

We are excited to announce that we are now selling digital tutorials for Nik Orson - these are particularly valuable to UK customers as the price here is considerably cheaper than the same tutorials that are being sold on Etsy.   The reason?  Clayaround are not charging Nik the ridiculous fees for hosting her tutorials.   This is especially for Clayaround's customers.

Digital downloads

July 2022

Sculpture with a difference

From an expert in sculpture I am told this is not an easy sculpture to make.  However I am quite sure if you are interested you could make it or something similar.  You can search on YouTube for the stream by 'Naldz Hobby Side' and you will find this and much more!   A fun challenge!
July 2022

Sculpture with a difference
Faux Opals

Faux Opals

Faux opals can be made easily!

Use a mixture of Premo colours: pearl, translucent white and/or translucent, plus pearl.   For colour use mica powder or embossing powder and/or glitter.    Mix different colours of your choice in the clay.  Chop the pieces as if you were finely chopping vegetables and squeeze together the colours that you like into one ‘pile’.    You can add some translucent white liquid clay to bind them.   Make them into the size you want, maybe add a coating of thinly rolled opal clay and shape into the shape you want.

You can find all the things you need on the clayaround website

Premo 2oz    Mica powders   embossing powder      Liquid clay

July 2022

Ragged Daisies

Why would I want to put a picture of Ragged Daisies, appart from the fact they are stunningly beautiful when in full blook, and exceptionally unusual.

Well they also show just how bright and beautiful are whites and working with white polymer clay is also a worthwhile activity.  

Before you use your pasta machine run a  piece of old scrap clay through it to clean the rollers  and/or even run a baby wipe through it to clean the rollers!   Wash your hands if you have been using colours.   Keep your pets out of the way!  And put your pieces on clean tiles or clean pieces of parchment paper. 

You can get wonderful results by curing some white clay, cutting some interesting shapens and then drawing on them with coloured markers.

White Premo    White Kato    White Cernit    Platinum Pardo

ideal markers    
July 2022

Ragged Dasies showing the beauty of white
fridge clips made with magnets

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets with a difference.    Make your fridge magnets using magnets and polymer clay designs, but add large paper clips so that they hold messages or documents.   A  utilitarian decorative idea.

small magnets       larger magnets


June 2022

Ragged Daisies

Your path to endless possibilities.  A large variety of tools available to help you with creating what ever you want to create with your polymer clay!

June 2022

Ragged Dasies showing the beauty of white
different makes of liquid clays
coloured liquid clays

Liquid Clays

There are so many liquid clays now and a new one has recently been added: Gold Mica by Kato.  Kato also have a full range of coloured liquid clays that lend themselves to fascinating possibilities. 

Kato liquid gold         

 Kato liquid clays

  • card examples for card makers at Crafters' Cards
  • magnet  example of fridge holders in polymer clay

New Venture

  We have been learning about card making and watching the scrapbookers and see that they use many of the useful products that we already have available.  So we are venturing into pastures new and very soon will have a plethera of new products with mixed media or card making in mind.  

Watch our website for  positive change.

New venture

June 2022

Helen Breil textures

Helen Breil's texture stamps are particularly high quality and very inventive designs - often multiple design in one sheet.  She has many examples of the results of the textures  on her website if you look for them  (just google for 'Helen Breil Designs' as her website is fascinating)   Meanwhile look at the vast variety of desings that are available on our website

Helen Breil textures
June 2022

Ragged Dasies showing the beauty of white