Who we are


 Penny 2017

I am Penny Vingoe and Clayaround is based in lovely rural Wales  

Only twelve years ago I discovered Polymer clay.  eleven years ago I went on  my first workshop where the organiser commented that she wished that she had an alternative supplier - and the idea for Clayaround was formulated.   Within months of in-depth research and product sourcing we were up and running and now, almost ten years on, are expanding rapidy, thanks in particular to our many loyal customer


ClayAround shop


As I continue to learn I do demonstrations, classes and talks, and share knowledge about this wonderful medium.  

Penny Vingoe demonstrating           And we attend shows and exhibitions:  Penny Vingoe at exhibition


For five years we ran monthly free claydays.  These were always well attended and a delightful way to meet people.   In the last couple of years the BPCG (British Polymer Clay Guild - of which I was a committee member at one point) have developed a network of similar days all over the country.    We have now graduated into offering claydays that are taught by top quality talented tutors from the UK and abroad.  Details of the latest one are here

Monthly claydays in Wales