Using magnets

This brooch by #lizziwildeevans could have magnets at the back.   You embed one or more 'sacrificed ‘ magnets into the back of your piece when curing, then take it out and put in a new magnet (one of these, or one of these – or both)  This because curing takes away a lot of the strength of these very powerful magnets.   You then stick the magnets with quality glue  and use further magnets to hot the piece in place on the inside of the garment you wish to use – thus saving the fabric from damage by pins.      Important: those with pacemakers should not use this method

Kato conditioner

Have you tried the new conditioner by Kato – it is compatible with virtually all clays and there is a lot in one block!  Try it, you will be amazed!

You will find it here


Pigment mica powders

Delicately coloured, iridescent, shimmering, pigment, mica powder – and not just as an inclusion for you can add water and make it into paint.  And we have new stock, so lots of lovely colours.   you can find them all here